Tri-County Baseball
Western Massachusetts


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Game #211

DiFranco 4 vs PeoplesBank 3


Popielarczyk (L) 7IP 4ER 9H 8K 3BB

Franczyk 2-2 SAC 2 SB

Brisson 2B RBI

Dombrowski RBI


Adams (W) 5.2IP 3ER 3H 7K 3BB

Cloutier (S) 1.1IP 0R 2H 1K 0BB

Grassetti 3-4 2B 2 RBI

Gezotis 2-2BB RBI

Anziano 2-2 SAC

Bathel 2B RBI

Game #212

PeoplesBank 15 vs DiFranco 0


Noblit (W) 6IP 0ER 3H 8K 1BB

Martin 1IP 0R 0H 2K

Barron 2-4 2B HR 4 RBI

Brisson HR 2BB  4 RBI

Gomez 2-3 HBP 2 RBI

McClelland 2-4 SAC

Clark 2-5 RBI

Franczek 2-4


Moyers (L) 4.1IP 9R 8ER  9H 1K 1BB

Christensen 1.1IP 2R 0ER 1H 1K 1BB

Perez 1.1IP 4ER 3H 1K

Clark 2-2 BB

Game #213

DiFranco 4 vs PeoplesBank 2


Farrell (L) 3.2IP 4R 2ER 6H 2K 2BB

Hall 3.1IP 0ER 2H 3K 2BB

Barron RBI

Sawa RBI


Perry (W) 4IP 2ER 3H 4K 3BB

Giuggio 1.1IP 0ER 1H 2K 1BB

Cloutier (S) 1.2IP 0ER 0H 2K 1BB

Grassetti 2-2 BB HBP RBI

Gezotis 2-3 SAC RBI

Bathel 2-3 BB

Blair RBI

Andy Gaines

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