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Tri-County Baseball
Western Massachusetts


Rules and Bylaws



I. Statement:  The Tri-County Baseball League is an amateur baseball league where no player or coach is paid and the game is played for the enjoyment of the game of baseball.

Note:  Violation of this regulation will cause to offending team to be banned from competition in the Tri-County League immediately and for the duration of the current season, and until such time, when for good and sufficient reasons, said team’s application for reinstatement may be considered.

II. Play is governed by the Sporting News Official Baseball American League Rules with other provisions listed in the following Tri-County League by-laws.

III. A voting body consisting of one representative from each team in the League will govern the League.  Each team will have one vote.  This voting body will be called the Board of Governors.  The voting member for each team will be determined at the January meeting for the upcoming season.  The names will be listed each year for that season.

A quorum shall consist of one more than half of the voting members.  A majority vote

on any issue will rule.  No voting by proxy will be allowed.  You must have a representative present to vote on any issue.  A vote sent to the League President in writing will be accepted if it is received before the meeting in which the vote will be taken.

IV. The League will be structured as follows:


Vice President/Umpire in Chief



Note: No member of the Board of Governors can serve as President, Vice President or Umpire in Chief .  The Board of Governors (the voting body) will elect the office of President for a term of two (2) years.  The President will elect from candidates for Vice President/Umpire in Chief, Secretary and Treasurer will be recommended by the President and subject to the approval of the Board of Governors.  All of these positions will be for terms of two (2) years.

The Board of Governors has the power to remove from office any officer not performing his/her duties before the conclusion of their term.

Duties of officers:


A. Shall oversee the running of the League in accordance with the rules and by-laws.

B. Shall call and schedule all League meetings.

C. Shall preside over all League meetings.

D. Shall rule on all suspension and protest cases.

E. Recommend candidates for Vice President/Umpire in Chief, Secretary and Treasurer

F. Handle any officers’ position if vacant.

G. Shall set the League fee and Umpires fee.

H. Shall set the Insurance fee after securing a policy for the League.

I. Shall have a vote only in the case of a tie vote coming from the Board of Governors.

J. Nominate candidates to fill the other officer’s positions, if such positions arise.

K. Under the Official Baseball Rule 11.00, the League President shall enforce the official rulers and all league rules, resolve any disputes involving the rules, and determine any protested games.  The League President may fine or suspend any player, coach, manager, or umpire for violations of these rules at his discretion.

L. Shall provide an annual budget at the January meeting.

Vice President/Umpire in Chief:

A. Shall assist the President in any way possible.

B. Shall carry out the duties of the office of the President should he be unable to do so.

C. Shall assign umpires to all League games, League playoff games and other games as specified by the League.

D.  Note: The Umpire in Chief could also hold the office of the President.


A. Shall record and publish the minutes of each meeting.

B. Notify teams of upcoming meetings by telephone, or mail, with an agenda.


A. Shall collect all fees due.

B. Shall pay all appropriate League bills.

C. Shall provide an updated financial report at each schedules League meeting.

D. Shall assist the President in the formulation of an annual budget.

Note: The Treasurer could also be the secretary.

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